Business Adviser

Business Adviser

I am your… Business Adviser

  • Do you need a clear direction?
  • Do you need more sales?
  • Looking for funding to help develop and grow?
  • Want your staff to be more productive?
  • Need to work out the best way to sell your company?
  • Is your business fighting for survival?

I am your business adviser offer no-nonsense advice from independent business consultants. We can help you when starting a business or simply with business development in mind.

I am your business adviser is designed with you in mind.

If you are ready to grow and develop your business access support to apply for funding (where eligible), secure new contracts, find suppliers, innovate or demonstrate environmentally responsible practices. You may also access ad-hoc tailored support to address business issues.

Do you have a viable business idea? I am your has supported many people through the early stages of running a business and offers eligible individuals free business mentoring, planning and start-up support.

We are here to assist all types of business from SME’s or Large companies who need support to reach their full potential. We will help you to set in motion a course of action which your business needs to help it grow and thrive. Our experienced and dedicated team of business advisers are here waiting to put your business on the right track by guiding and advising you of the correct alterations and strategic planning needed to put your business on the path to increased growth and profitability.

I am your business adviser was born out of an idea that there should be plenty of resources available for businesses that may be unsure of who to turn to. We have many years of experience assisting businesses, and therefore have built up a diverse portfolio of organisations.

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