Buying Group

Buying Group

The Power of Group Buying – Saving you Money

I am your… have teamed up with a national procurement company in order to offer businesses of all shapes and sizes discounts on almost everything you buy and use.

As a business it is vital to ensure you have the right product, the most cost effective utilities, the best delivery of that product or service and more importantly at the best possible price. Unfortunately this is not always possible as most business do not have buying power to negotiate a substantial discount. This is where we step in.

By working together under one buying group we are able to talk directly to the suppliers and negotiate much bigger discounts because we represent potentially hundreds of buyers. The suppliers are more likely to listen and ultimately offer bigger discounts. These cost saving discounts can then be passed on directly to you.

Suppliers and Services

I am your buying group have agreements in place with all the major suppliers ranging from food and drink all the way through to waste management and much more in between. In fact we cover the whole supply chain even down to your electricity and gas supply.

There is no limit to the number of discounted suppliers you use. The more you do use the more you save money!

Free Impartial Advice

We are happy to pop in to see you and have a chat about all your procurement activities.

Once we have met you one of our specialist buying group team members will then report back with our findings and recommendations with NO OBLIGATION to buy.

If you would like to see if we can help you save money then please give us a ring.

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