Credit Controller

Credit Controller

I am your Credit Controller

We all know how hard it is to chase our own debts and what effect this has on our cash flow especially in this current economic climate when everyone is trying to hold on to their money.  Why not let I am your Credit Controller take this hassle away from you.

I am your Credit Controller provides a very structured, professional and methodical approach to chasing your outstanding invoices.

We find that when someone other than you writes or calls a debtor chasing an outstanding debt, the debtor is more likely to pay on time as you can unfortunately become too close to your client.

Why our solution can help

These are just a few of the reasons why our solution can help;

  • You do not have a professionally trained credit controller
  • You cannot find the time  to chase your own debts
  • Your own credit controller is too close to your clients
  • You cannot justify employing a dedicated credit controller
  • Your own credit controller is
    • on long term sick
    • maternity/paternity leave
    •  on holiday
    • not bringing in the money as you hoped
  • No employer expenses like
    • PAYE
    • National Insurance
    • Holiday/Sick pay
    • Pension costs
    • Costly and timely HR issues
  • Faster cash recovery

A well disciplined and structured approach is essential to a good credit controller.  This is where I am your Credit Controller can help.

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