Direct Debit Collector

Direct Debit Collector

Improve Cash Flow

I am your DD Collections is a service designed to securely collect your clients’ payments to reduce your management time in credit control. What’s more it is paid directly into your bank account. Quite simply we arrange to process all of your invoices via our Central Billing system and collections are actioned within all legal requirements and timeframes via our secure direct debit system.

Running a business is a very demanding job and collecting debts to keep your cashflow positive can be very stressful, therefore, let us take the worry away from you whereby letting you concentrate on what you do best, running and developing your business.

Why should you care?

Not only does our system help you become more efficient and improve your cash flow, but it also means the money owed to you is collected regularly and on time without having to employ staff, which in itself is an expense to the business.

Is it secure?

The simple answer is YES. We would not have invested heavily in this type of system if it was not secure. It has been developed by us and it is what we use to collect our own debts.

What do I have to do?

The system is fully automatic, therefore, you have nothing to do except ensure that client invoices are received by us in line with agreed collection schedules.

What does the client see?

The client will still receive their normal invoices/statements informing them of the amount owed, and the date the DD will be taken via Central Billing. The customer will also see Central Billing’s name on their bank statement as the recipient of the funds.

How quickly can I be up and running?

This depends on you. It is a legal requirement that anyone who we take a direct debit from must complete, sign and return a direct debit mandate authorising Central Billing to be able to take the funds, as soon as we have received this we can then set them up on the system and start transacting within 4-5 working days.

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