Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click

Utilising Online Advertising to Increase Sales

Online advertising can be a mine field and often surrounded by mystique. We don’t baffle with acronyms and abbreviations. We talk on a simple and friendly level to ensure complete transparency.

We provide the professional but also personal touch.

We manage campaigns on a case by case basis as we know every business is different.

We will provide a free initial consultation to assess your requirements. Once we understand what you want to achieve we will develop a campaign that will develop as it matures. We monitor, and adjust if needed, all campaigns daily to ensure you receive the best possible results. We charge a simple one off set up fee followed by a fixed monthly retainer for management to keep things as simple as possible and so you can manage your budget.

As we are Google Engage registered we can also offer you a £75 voucher to help you get started.

What is Pay Per Click?

Online marketing has been developing quickly; it is now considered the future of business growth. Our team can help you get established and build a successful online advertising campaign to create awareness, increase traffic to your website and ultimately boost sales of your business. Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) offers a flexible and highly effective alternative to search engine optimisation (SEO). PPC is a form of paid or “sponsored” search engine advertising. It is also referred to as ‘Ad-Words’.

The main advantage of PPC advertising is its relative speed of implementation. It also offers the ability to be “turned on or off”. This gives advertisers a level of flexibility with their on-line advertising which cannot be matched by any other method.

Some of the key benefits of using Pay Per Click are:

  • Quick set up and development
  • Lower risk, the effectiveness of the campaign can be analysed as money is being spent
  • Measurability, thorough analysis tools are provided by the search engines
  • Budget setting, you pay for results
  • Highly targeted
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Why use I am your Pay Per Click?

We have over 10 years’ experience with online marketing, specialising in Google AdWords (PPC). We have found this form of advertising provides businesses with the best return on investment.

With changes to Google’s Penguin and Panda search algorithms we have found that traditional Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques do not return the desired results for the outlay it requires.

Our team is based in the UK, and have many years of experience working in this environment. We recognise that professional set-up and management of a PPC campaign is essential to gain the most out of sponsored search engine advertising.

We run several of our own businesses this way. This helps us refine our strategies to ensure each campaign reaches the maximum return on investment.

We are also Google Engage registered agent and provide high quality and effective PPC services. This allows us to offer up to date advice, allow the best optimisation for your campaigns and provide free Google vouchers of £75.

We can also help your company get its voice heard through Social Media. If you have heard of Social Media but don’t know what it’s about or how to use it properly we can help. Social Media is a fantastic tool to help you grow your customer base. It is not a dark art but it does need to be managed properly and this is where we step in giving you the skills you need to tweet all day long!

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Why our solution can help

Our PPC Management strategies are designed to have new customers visiting your site within hours of going live. Our solid background in marketing gives us the skills we need to get you the best possible results.

By structuring an account properly, using controlled costs and budgets and professionally writing persuasive adverts, we know that when we place an advert on Google for you the target audience will be receiving the adverts.

We have managed hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of advertising budgets on behalf of our clients. They trust us with their money because we also manage our own campaigns using our own money.

If you are completely new to PPC and AdWords you will find our approach ideal as we make it our business to work with you directly to ensure the campaign is exactly right for your individual business.

We also work with existing campaigns so if you have been running your own campaign for a while and feel you’re spending too much, not getting enough enquiries or that you’re somehow missing something our expert analysts can work with you to squeeze that bit extra from the campaign.


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