I am your Receptionist

At I am Your Receptionist, your telephony duties can be taken right out of your hands.

I am Your Receptionist will deal with your clients as if we are part of your team, keeping your clients satisfied and your business up to speed. I am your Receptionist can work day or night to provide you with the business services you need.

For example, we can incorporate a team of receptionists at I am Your Receptionist to act as your switchboard, make you appear to be a bigger company or to screen marketing calls so you only get the calls that really matter. Or how about just working with one receptionist to become an expert in your company and for your clients to get to know?

Why our solution can help

75% of callers hang up if they hear a voicemail – how many times do your callers get yours? At I am Your Receptionist, our 24 hour service has been found to increase businesses’ busy-ness. When you realise how much business could be yours, missing calls becomes a real problem. With up to 8 personal receptionists working for you in your busy periods, the chance of this happening is much, much lower than if you were to take them all yourself while working.

Some other benefits of using I am your Receptionist

  • Your calls answered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • No more missed calls
  • Let us filter out those annoying marketing calls
  • A complete daily audit log of all your calls taken and by whom
  • Save time and money training new staff
  • No need to buy additional telephone equipment
  • No employer expenses
    • PAYE
    • National Insurance
    • Holiday/Sick pay
    • Pension costs
    • Costly and timely HR issues

Let us work in your business, while you work on your business.

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