VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) simply means using the internet to manage your telephone calls without the need for costly infrastructure. All you needs is a telephone and access to the internet.

We live in a world where every penny counts and when it comes to streamlining your business processes, there are very clear savings to be found.

By transferring your telephones to a VoIP system through I Am Your VoIP, you will immediately save money and that can significantly reduce your business outgoings, so making a valid difference to your profit margins as well as securing future business survival.

With cheaper call charges, per second billing, and possibly utilisation of your current technology meaning no need for further equipment charges and full portability of your phone number, the future is clearly set to be with internet based phone systems.

Using the internet for your business calls has become the smart way to operate over the last few years and with the high quality of the clarity when talking to clients all over the globe, along with ultra-reliable connections, using VoIP is now much more than just a savvy business decision. Using the internet to conduct your telephone calls shows that you are a forward thinking business that isn’t afraid to embrace new technology, is always looking to be forward thinking in its mode of operation and is known to carefully consider the financial implications of any decision it makes.

In the same way, by using I Am Your VoIP as your telephone system provider, you are portraying your business as financially considered, as a business that looks to be associated with industry leaders and as a business that understands the value of wise corporate decisions.

By transferring your telephones to a VoIP system today, you are taking a positive step towards future business security and growth.

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