Waste Collection

Waste Collection

We’ve been talking Rubbish for years!

All businesses generate rubbish that needs to be collected, disposed of correctly, and legally, all this waste needs to be paid for, by you. This is where I am your waste management can help.

I am your… have teamed up with a national procurement company that, due to its massive buying power and proven negotiating skills, can secure bulk discount prices from local and national waste collection company’s such as Biffa. These discounts can then be passed on to you directly, saving you money.

The power lies in the buying, we have a far betting chance of securing bulk discounts than you have by going directly.

We will work with you, not only to control your costs in this important area, but also to identify opportunities to increase recycling and help the environment.

Your business will have access to preferred pricing for Biffa’s nationwide waste collection service, from 240-1100 litre containers right up to front-end loader disposal, we can fulfill whatever your waste requirement might be.

However simple or complex, from sorting, collection and treatment, to recycling and final disposal we can offer a cost effective solution.

With I am your waste management service you can be sure your waste, including food waste, will be taken care of legally, environmentally and with minimal disruption to business

As a licensed Waste Broker, they are perfectly positioned to ensure your business receives the most cost effective Waste Disposal available

So, if you’re looking for a waste management service provider that can deliver savings to your pocket as well as savings to the planet then please give us a ring.

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